Pasco County Humane Skunk Removal Methods

A Florida skunk is a small squirrel kind animal which producing a foul odor. A skunk may not only be found in jungles but can be found in your backyards, under your porch or shed, if you have a garden with trees then it might dig cone-shaped holes and can also eat the fallen fruits, berries or seeds and may also contaminate your trash cans. There are many ways of removing the skunk without causing it and yourself harm as it produces a spray when it is startled which can be harmful to you. For humane skunk removal, you will need to plan out a strategy to completely remove it and then take measures so that it does not come back in your garden. You need to start planning for the Autumn season as the mother skunk gives birth to 4 to 5 babies in the Summers and the babies stay with their mother until Autumn. So Autumn and winter is the time you will be troubled by the skunk. Below are ways in which you can remove the skunk in a humane way.

1. Secure All the Possibilities of Shelter and Food
The reason the Pasco County skunk may be coming in your backyard or garden is that it is getting a supply of food and also shelter. To deal with this you will need to:
• Pick up all the extra berries, fruits or seeds lying on the ground.
• Close your trash can tightly.
• Remove all the extra wood, logs or any other debris lying around in which the skunk may seek shelter.
• Pick up all the garbage from the ground.
• Seal all the burrows and holes in the ground.
• Close your poultry house or any other outhouse or storage if you have.

2. Stop Its Entry
After you have eliminated the reasons for its coming in your yard, then you need to close its entry in your yard. For this, you can install fences or wire mesh boundary in your yards as skunks cannot climb high. Make sure the fence is at least 3 to 4 feet above the ground. But, the skunks are excellent diggers so you will need to install the fence at least 2 feet deep in the ground and also turn the fence wires inwards so that the skunks are not able to dig and enter your yard.

3. Spray Skunk Repellants
Skunk sense the food and shelter through their sense of smell and if you disrupt this procedure, they may not come in your yard. You can spray strong skunk repellants in the air and also on different surfaces so that the skunk runs away from the smell. But you will have to spray the repellants again and again.

4. Skunk Trap
You can install a live skunk trap and place food inside and wait for the Pasco County skunk to enter it. But when the skunk is trapped inside then you will have to be very careful and it might spray on you. So take a big sheet or towel and approach the trapped skunk very slowly keeping the sheet in front of you and console the skunk in soft murmurs and slowly put the sheet on the cage so the skunk may not be able to see you.

5. Electronic Repellents
These repellants are much better than spray repellants as they are eco-friendly so you can get them installed in all areas. Also, you will need to spray again and again in spray repellants but you just will have to install the electronic repellants once and the skunks will be taken care of. Pasco County Humane Skunk Removal Methods

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