Removing a Pasco County Opossum in the Safest Manner

Do you think Florida opossums are residing in your house? Opossums can live anywhere on your property, in the attic, under your house, outside or inside. They have extremely sharp teeth that can cause several damages to your property. They can chew the electrical wires or plumbing lines. Removing them yourself can be a tricky and dangerous task. Most of the people think that killing is the only way to remove opossums from your house. Nonetheless, it is a cruel and vicious way to get rid of an animal. Fortunately, there are safe ways to remove from the house. We have discussed some of the humane opossum removal methods in this article. Have a look at the methods to safely remove opossums.

Humane Opossum Removal Methods
There are various ways through which you can remove Pasco County opossums from your house. Few of the most effective techniques are as follows:

Using a Trap
One of the safest methods to eliminate opossums is by trapping them. Catching opossums are considered as an easy task, but it is quite challenging. You have to set a large cage and any item as a bait. It is important to set the trap in a shaded area as it gets heated under sunlight. Once they are trapped inside the cage, you release them in a natural environment, where they can find food and shelter.

Remove All Attractions
When you have an opossum problem, you have to make sure there is nothing left outside that might be attracting them. For instance, you have pet food outside, it is better to take it inside. If you have a bird feeder, you can remove it as it might be attracting the opossums. Another solution is to fence these areas. The fence will prevent the opossums from entering the area. As they are climbers, you have to ensure the fence is tall enough to prevent them from climbing.

Exclusion Method
Another great humane method of removing the Florida opossums is using one-way exclusion method. In this method, you have to cover all the entry points leaving just one. You can install the one-way exclusion device at that entry point. It will provide a safe passage for the opossum to leave the area using that hole. However, it will stop them from entering back again. So, it is important that you should cover all the gaps. Once the opossum has left your house, you must seal all the holes.

By Hand
You can even catch the opossum using your hands or snare poles. Since they have a habit of playing dead when they are frightened, it can get tricky. They might wake up and bite you as they have sharp teeth. It is advised to leave the removal of opossums on professionals. In the end, there is a misconception that it is extremely easy to catch Pasco County opossums. They can act as they are dead and can get up when least expected to cause you harm. This is why you should not handle removal of opossums yourself and get professional help. For more information, you can visit our website. Removing a Pasco County Opossum in the Safest Manner

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